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Custom Kamisori


A slightly different project !

My first custom made Kamisori style razor. Made from 01 Tool Steel

with antique leather wrap handle.

Hopefully the first of many..

Finished !

Finally completed this Guiness inspired set.

For sale now on

My latest Brush

A quick pic of my latest turned brush.

Jade handle with pure Badger bristles, better pics to follow.

About £19 from Vintage Razors.

‘Guinness’pattern shave brush

Latest project is a Guinness pattern shave brush, razor & stand. Brush just finished today, took alot longer  than I thought but I think it came out really well !

A day in the workshop !

Three new razors made: Mach 3 with purple marble handle, a Lovely Johnson” Dominion” in Tortoise shell & a “Broqua & Scholberg” in orange Kirinite.

New Line for Fredricssons

This is the first of my handmade DE Razor Handles

Not quite finished yet but hopefully the start of a new line !

Resin handle.jpg

Available soon on

Latest Razor Restoration

Just finished my latest razor restoration. A beautiful “Golden Crown” 5/8″ Hollow Ground with orange Kirinite acrylic scales.

Think it came out really nice even if I do say so myself !

For sale on ebay or from at £46.95

Vintage Razors Website launched

Finally got it finished !!



A perfect xmas gift !

Complete Fredricssons Shave set containing Heavy Chrome DE Razor, Vulfix Brush, Stainless Shave bowl with choice of soap, Shave cloths & pack of Gillette 7 o’clock blades.

Supplied in a handmade wooden presentation box.

set_4 set_2

Available now on ebay £44.95 Post free !

Calendular Oil !

Just made a massive jar of Calendular Oil !

Calendular Oil