Recent Razor Restoration

Slater Bros - Before


Slater Bros - After



Before and after pics of a recent restoration job. Normally I might consider this too far gone for rehoning but this particular razor was handed down from the owner’s grandfather who was issued it in WW1 so it had great sentimental value.  It’s never going to win prizes but is quite useable again.


Custom Kamisori


A slightly different project !

My first custom made Kamisori style razor. Made from 01 Tool Steel

with antique leather wrap handle.

Hopefully the first of many..

Finished !

Finally completed this Guiness inspired set.

For sale now on

My latest Brush

A quick pic of my latest turned brush.

Jade handle with pure Badger bristles, better pics to follow.

About £19 from Vintage Razors.

‘Guinness’pattern shave brush

Latest project is a Guinness pattern shave brush, razor & stand. Brush just finished today, took alot longer  than I thought but I think it came out really well !

A day in the workshop !

Three new razors made: Mach 3 with purple marble handle, a Lovely Johnson” Dominion” in Tortoise shell & a “Broqua & Scholberg” in orange Kirinite.

New Line for Fredricssons

This is the first of my handmade DE Razor Handles

Not quite finished yet but hopefully the start of a new line !

Resin handle.jpg

Available soon on

Latest Razor Restoration

Just finished my latest razor restoration. A beautiful “Golden Crown” 5/8″ Hollow Ground with orange Kirinite acrylic scales.

Think it came out really nice even if I do say so myself !

For sale on ebay or from at £46.95

Vintage Razors Website launched

Finally got it finished !!



A Recently Refurbished German Krauss Razor In Custom Scales

Razor before refurbishing

Mexican Cocobolo Wood for scales


Wood scales roughly cut out.


Scales after joining and after first sanding.


Blade after first polishing before sharpening.


Finished razor, polished, honed and ready for action – around 10 hours of work to get to this stage !

It is for sale so if anyone is interested just drop me an email.