Solid Shampoo

I have been researching solid shampoo bars for a while now as it seems to make perfect sense to have a solid bar that acts as shampoo and conditioner without the need for all those bottles in the shower. As someone who washes his hair every daily in the shower I wanted a natural product that could be used regularly that didn’t damage the hair & strip all the natural oils.

Solid Shampoo Soap

Solid Shampoo Soap

So I started looking at Castor Oil as a must have ingredient as its beneficial effects on hair are well documented. It is said to help with Hair growth, dry scalp, damage caused by split ends, etc and contains many essential nutrients such as Vitamin E, Amino Acids, Omega 6 & Ricinoleic acid.

Along with castor oil I add Coconut Oil for its creamy lather plus Jojoba oil, another great product for hair which moisturizes & softens, along with Palm Oil & Sweet Almond Oil. Finally I include Beeswax to harden the bars & then a light flowery fragrance.

These bars are a cold process soap which means they have to dry & condition for six weeks after manufacture but once dry will keep for ages & will not deteriorate.

They weight about 70 -80 grms but will last for ages.

You can buy these directly from me for £1.95 plus £1.30 first class postage. The button will take you directly to paypal.

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