Natural Shave Soaps

I had always struggled to find a good quality, reasonably priced shaved soap that did everything I wanted & didn’t contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate etc and was as natural as possible.

So I started reading up on soap making, methods of manufacture, where to buy ingredients & then started to experiment with making my own.

I have always been a dedicated wet shaver & recently started using a straight razor or cut throat to get a perfect shave. This type of razor really needs a good soap with plenty of lather, lots of slip & something that is kind on the skin.

After a few months of trying ingredients, experimenting with different recipes I finally produced a formula for a natural shave soap consisting of coconut Oil, Olive Oil & various other natural ingredients including Witch Hazel for its soothing properties & Tea tree for its clean smell & antiseptic abilities.

I then looked at fragrances & essential oils that would be good for all skin types & be either sensitive, refreshing, invigorating or just with a great smell, all my fragrances and oils are high end versions not just cheap smells !

So far I have the following variants:-

  • Tea Tree & Witch Hazel – great for sensitive skin with a clean simple fragrance & colour
  • Zingy Citrus – A sharp invigorating fragrance to wake you up in the morning & smell great all day.
  • Kaffir Lime & Juniper – A lovely rich lime scent with a lighter Juniper note.
  • Lavender & Bergamot – A classic fragrance with the addition of Bergamot making it modern alternative.
  • Black Pepper  – No colour just Black Pepper essential oils a sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper
  • Classics Mens – Difficult to describe, but a very traditional ” Bay Rum” style fragrance.
  • Cedarwood – A fresh light woody scent with a hint of apple.

All my shave soaps can be gently warmed & remoulded to put into your favorite shave bowl, alternatively I sell a bowl & refill set with either a simple white plastic shave bowl, a Stainless Steel bowl  or coming soon a handmade Artisan pottery bowl with its own range of bespoke fragrances.

Alternatively they are available in an aluminum tin with screw lid, great for a gift or in a light plastic case, perfect for lightweight travel.

All my soap are available to buy on Ebay.





  1. Just ordered the Lime and Juniper. Looking forward to trying it. Have you got a link to your Ebay store on here? I couldn’t find one so I assume it’s you I ordered from!

    Good luck with your venture. I’ll definitely try out some of your other shaving soaps.


    • Hi there, yes its the same one. I am still getting the blog sorted but will add an ebay link shortly. Hope you like the Soap, had a slight delay in dispatching this week but everything sent now !


  2. I love the soaps great shave with a great lather. Quick question – can the soaps be softened in a microwave so that they can be moulded into any shape?


    • Hi Dave, sorry for not getting back sooner but yes you can reheat in the microwave but do it very gently. The best way is in a bowl over boiling water as this doesn’t overheat & stops any loss of fragrance. Anyway once it is liquid just re:pour & leave to cool ideally overnight. Hope this helps. F


  3. Great thanks Fredric


  4. I have some classic mans shave soap in a tin I can’t get it to lather up


    • Hi Scott, are you in a hard water area ? I have had a couple of instances of this due to hard water. i presume you are using good hot water to get it lathered up / My sopas only use natural ingredients so the lather comes from the coconut oil, most bought soaps add an artifical surfactant or high levels of animal glycerine to make the lather but these can iritate the skin . you could just try water that had been bnoiled to see if it makes a difference as this will confirm if the hardness is a problem.




  5. Geoffrey weatherall

    i live in a hard water area and dont have a problem getting lather with your soap.


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