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Shave Set

I have started to put a few shave sets together as I do get asked for a package deal.

These two are on eBay at the moment prices at £29.95.

black raz set_2 chrome raz set

My new Stainless Shave bowl


Finally got around to making the molds for my new Stainless shave bowl.

Now available to buy on ebay with choice of soaps.

Fredricssons now selling Vulfix British shave brushes .. details to follow

Vulfix badger bristle shave brushes   … best of British !

Vulfix Brushes

No available to buy on ebay !

Beard and Face oil now available !

Finally made my first proper bottles of Beard & Face Oil, I have been testing it myself for a while, so think its time to start selling it. If you want to read about how its made, what goes into it, & how you can buy it just take a look on my blog pages. (link here)


Oils finally arrive !

My delivery of essential oils & bottles has finally arrived ….. beard oil on the way !


Cedarwood & Citrus Shave Soap


Cedarwood & Citrus

Pre Shave Soap

I was asked if I could make a pre shave soap by one of my regular customers so decided to experiment a bit. This soap is Olive Oil based and has blue poppy seeds as a natural exfoliant plus menthol for a cooling effect. It cleans the skin, exfoliates and most importantly softens and lifts the bristles prior to shaving.


The first customer reviews seem very good so I plan to start making & selling on ebay soon but you can buy it directly as I have a small initial stock, they are £3.95 ea plus carriage. Just click the button to pay directly on paypal.

Making Silicone Soap Moulds

Have made my own silicone soap moulds so that every shave soap fits its bowl !

Silicone_mouldLook a bit odd but work brilliantly !

The Patent Fredricsson’s Soap dryer !

Introducing the Fredricsson’s patent soap dryer & conditioner !

I have been fed up of having worktops & window sills full of soap so have invested in a handmade soap dryer/conditioner. ( Its actually a fruit dyer & humidifier but works brilliantly for soap ! )


These shave soaps will go in for about a week for drying & conditioning before being wrapped.


Lemon Cologne

I have been experimenting with my own version of an authentic Turkish Lemon Balm cologne, should be available soon !