There has been a huge increase over the last year in people wanting to try a straight “Cutthroat” razor or just go back to a great value Safety DE razor. This has unfortunatley led to a host of cheap razors coming back onto the market. A straight razor is only as good as the metal it is made from as this is its “blade”, at least with a safety razor you can use a good blade but the angle this blade is held is critical and some cheap razors are very bad for this.

If you are looking for a straight razor there are 100’s of old top quality German & British made razors from the 20’s onwards that will still work perfectly & give a fantastic shave, plus you will own a beautiful implement that will last for years. The only thing you have to realize is most razors for sale on ebay will not be shave ready & will require honing & sharpening.


I always have a stock of old razors which I buy to refurbish & sharpen & then sell as ” Shave Ready”. some I buy are just not useable so be wary if you buy from ebay as not all razors are able to be saved as the blades can be cracked or knicked or unable to be resharpened.

The sharpening process is about six parts using a variety of honing stones which get progressively smoother then onto a balsa strop then finally a leather finishing strop. Once a blade is sharp it will only need a light strop on leather or fabric to maintain its edge.

I also buy & sell some old Safety razors, like the Gillette range, the best being the old Butterfly Head adjustables, these have an adjustable blade to suit beard lengths and shave styles and are a lovely razore to own & use.

I have also started importing some quality chrome safety razors from the people who make for the likes of Merkur, Muhle and the likes of Edwin Jagger etc.

If anyone want to ask me any questions on the above please feel free to email.

I now have a dedicated site for my razors & some of my other stuff:






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