Shave Set

I have started to put a few shave sets together as I do get asked for a package deal.

These two are on eBay at the moment prices at £29.95.

black raz set_2 chrome raz set

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  1. Hi, I’ve been shaving my head for the last few months and I’ve never got that perfect clean smooth shave, until I got your shaving soap. The off the shelf supermarket stuff is cheap and nasty, real nasty. I’ve cut myself, scalped would be a better word. I was just about give up and keep it trimmed short, when I came across your eBay page and your blog.
    I order the stainless steel dish with the grapefruit fragrance soap and I’m really happy. I know what’s going into the soap as its on the label and your blog, no chemicals at all. The best part of your shaving soap is it works, people might think I’m a little strange with that comment. Not all shaving soap, gels or foam work. It’s either blocks the blades so it’s not a close shave or its drags and cuts. It’s not down to the blade, as I thought but the soap. I shave my head every three days and my face every day and I feel clean, relaxed and happy. Until you’ve used a real soap (Fredricssons) and a good shaving brush you just won’t understand how good it feels.
    No cuts, razor burn or razor bumps just a clean smooth outstanding good shave. looking forward to trying your other fragrancies.
    I look forward to shaving now, a little bit of me time to pamper myself. Btw I’m not some kid with bum fluff, I’m 45 years old.
    Karl Jones

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